Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gladstone Gallery: Shirin Neshat

Chelsea gallery unites powerful images

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Betty Branco Martins said...

__________Hi Richard

_________thus it seems that it happened. DalĂ­ and its last workmanship inspired by the theory of the catastrophes


That Tooba was inspired by the novel Women without Men by Iranian writer Shahrnoush Parsipour implies that it is the tree they are after. The Tooba tree is a symbolic and sacred image that originates in the Koran. Meaning tree of paradise, the Tooba offers shelter and blessings to those in need. Knowing this when seeing the installation provides a more literal experience of the video; the men and woman are seeking the benevolence of the tree.

much thankful by the visit


bettips said...

Thank you Richard, loved your eyes watching my place, so far away from me! There is a Port. blog, Ruela, somewhere in comments, that you may find interesting for your kind of taste.
Best regards and good luck for your seeking of ART!